10 Questions: Owlboy

words manifested by: AJ Johnson

In the 15th episode of our 10 Questions series, we spend some time with several key members of D-Pad Studio, the developer behind Owlboy. If you're a fan of beautiful sprite art, clever action-adventure gameplay, and charming characters, then Owlboy needs to be on your radar.

In this interview, we speak with Jo-Remi Madsen, Simon Stafsnes Andersen, and Henrik Stafsnes Andersen. The developers discuss some of their favorite 2D games, their creative influences, what goes into making a good game, and why it's important to pay attention to the learning curve. The team also discusses their development workflow (or lack thereof), the creation of the Owlboy art style, and the dangers of taking a bus to a party in the middle of nowhere.

Check out the video below, which features loads of gameplay footage and artwork.