Our Hidden Agenda

We are Mommy’s Best Games.
We want you to buy our games.

More than that, we want you to play our games, love our games, and tell your friends and random strangers how incredible they are, so that we can roll around in piles of crisp new 5 dollar bills, and have enough money to make even more great games.

Mommy’s Best Games created Weapon of Choice, Shoot 1UP, Serious Sam: Double D, and many other action games that are high in the 2D blasty department. Play our demos! Buy our games! And if you don’t want to buy them, let us know why so we can add more zombies, hentai, and controller vibration to get you to buy them.

We created 8 Bit Horse because we are crazy stupid about 2D games. We grew up playing them, and somehow forgot to stop even after the rest of the world decided that 3D was the superior format. For some unfathomable reason, the industry has decided that 3D is the replacement for 2D, which makes about as much sense as suggesting that movies are the replacement for books. Both are art, and there are things that are simply done better in one format than the other.

And because we love 2D so much, we’re bringing it back for you. But it’s not just 2D as you remember it, with 256 colors and flicker and slowdown and 16x16 sprites. No, it’s 2D with all of the modern accouterments… all of the stuff that made 2D great with the addition of about 4 gazillion times the processing power and all the beautiful artwork you can shake a hentai zombie at.

We understand what made classic 2D games good, and now we're making 2D games… only better.


Anonymous said...

Dawg, What about them scaling sprites games like space Harrier and Super Out Run. Are those really served better by 2d? And if so, is there a way to make people accept those glorious vidcons today?

AJ Johnson said...

Modern technology allows for much higher resolution 2D and smoother scaling. Many 2D games -- Weapon of Choice included -- have a ton of scaling and rotation; it just doesn't stand out as much. A Space Harrier or OutRun game could be beautifully crafted with purely 2D visuals (in the right hands).

That said, even though the graphics in those games were 2D, they had 3D gameplay. As such, a fully 3D environment doesn't detract from the experience in that situation, as OutRun 2 has proven.

Because 3D graphics are the easiest way to present 3D gameplay, it's unlikely that anyone would go through the trouble to make a 2D sprite-scaler in today's environment. Heck, many developers aren't even using 2D for games with 2D gameplay anymore.

Geichz said...

2D rules!!! Don't believe me try bionic commando rearmed & the Xbox 360 bionic commando and then see for yourself.