Finger Derpy

A game by Mommy's Best Games for PC, Android, and iOS, originally released in 2015.
We don't normally cover games that are developed for mobile or tablet devices, but we are this time. Why? Well it's all part of our terrible hidden agenda. Otherwise, we're just normal blokes here to tell you about 2D video games...

If you're fan of Mommy's Best Games' many shooters, then you might not have guessed that their next release would focus on horse racing... much less that the game would feature mentally deranged horses with fingers for legs, but such is life when game developers are given license to render their lunatic imaginings for everyone to experience.

You might also find yourself wondering what sort of equine escapades can be expected from this sort of game. Well, basically, you're controlling a horse, but rather than controlling the majestic beast with a controller or button presses, you are instead tapping your fingers rapidly on the screen. Alternating back and forth like you remember from your old Track & Field days will cause the horse to run in a straight line... but you can't just go straight; you need to navigate properly in order to complete a number of objectives.

Steering your thundering thoroughbred is done similarly to rowing a boat... Paddling hard with the left oar will move you forward and turn you to the right, while paddling with the right oar will push you forward and to the left. Using these controls, you race your horse around a track, steer through obstacle courses, and compete with other players in 4P co-op.

Doing well in the game unlocks new horses with new special abilities, and collecting roses allows you to permanently upgrade your steed. An infinite mode is available for the single player experience, where the player must dodge obstacles and collect roses while attempting to outrun an ever-approaching finish line. In addition, there are seven tracks for multiplayer, which are played out on a single device with each player tapping on a different section of the screen.

Finger Derpy was developed by Mommy's Best Games, known for a number of over-the-top action titles, including Serious Sam: Double D XXL, Explosionade, Shoot 1UP, and Weapon of Choice.