Spritely Desktops

We've had a bunch of positive feedback about the header image we created for our Facebook page, and we're pretty proud of it too. Trouble is, the format doesn't really allow it to be used for anything else.

So, we decided to set our controllers down for a bit and put something together than everyone can enjoy, and reformatted the image so that it can be used as a desktop. We didn't get super fancy with a bunch of different resolutions, but we did put together a widescreen version and a 4:3 version (if you're still into that sort of thing).

We mixed in a bit of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 and 1-2 to create the background, pulled a bunch of sprites from all of our favorite 2D games, and placed them as if they all existed in the world together. Also, for authenticity's sake, all of the sprites are rendered in their original resolutions, so they appear in their proportionate sizes. That's why Alucard is about twice the size of Simon Belmont and Rayman's head is bigger than SOFIA 3rd.

We've also made an attempt to have each of the sprites doing something they'd be expected to do in their native games, such as the M-308 gunner standing on the ceiling and Sparkster dashing through the air. There's lots of stuff to find if you look hard enough.

So, if you want an obnoxiously busy desktop packed to the edges with some really cool sprites, we've got your flavors below:

       regular                                                                  wide